1. How Long Does It Take to Design My Packaging?

Depending on the complexity of the design, it normally takes between 3-4 business days to complete your first draft. For minor revision, it takes about 1-2 days depending on the amount of revision required.

2. What Files Do I Receive After the Artwork is Finalised?

For viewing purpose, we will send the artwork in jpg format. At the end of the project, you will receive your design in the form of vector ai  (source file) that you can use for printing. But more importantly, we will provide you with the 3D mock-design of your packaging so that you can use it in your website, social media or brochures. This allows your customers to visualise your product even before the packaging is out. 

3. Do You Also Print for Your Customer? only does the design work. For printing, you need to find a printer. There are many good quality printers in the internet. All you need to do is send them the source files. Before you send your design for mass printing, we strongly recommend that you request your printer to print a mock-copy of the packaging (box, label or sticker) to test fit your product to make sure that the box is neither too loose or too tight. If the measurement is off, we can assist you to readjust your design again at no cost. However, is NOT liable for any error occurring due to misalignment of the packaging dimension. Our designers only follow the measurement/dimension that you provided to us.

4. Why Do I Need Can’t the Manufacturers of My Products or My Printer Help Me Design My Packaging Designs?

Some manufacturers or printers do provide in-house design services for their clients, but NOT all of them do. If you are considering to engage their designers to design your packaging, be sure to request a few samples to see if their design quality matches your expectation. Also, it is quite likely that the source files are kept in custody by them. With, you are the sole custody of the source files. 

5. What is the Price of Your Service?

Please send your request by filling and submitting us the online form under the “REQUEST A QUOTE“. 

6. How Do I Place My Order to Design My Packaging with 

You need to first fill up and submit the online form in the “REQUEST A QUOTE” page in order to obtain a quotation from us. Once you’re agreeable with the price, we will email you a template guide to request for necessary details of your packaging, for eg. ingredients, direction of use, manufactured by, barcode, etc, etc. 

7. Can the Design Be Revised If We’re Not Happy with It?

We allow a maximum of 5 times revision. Usually, by choosing the “right” concept from the sample concepts displayed in our website, we are more likely to understand the kind of design our clients want and thus able to meet their expectation better. So, do refer to the sample concepts whenever possible.